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Kindle e-book:


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Kindle is an e-book related service provided by Amazon. Kindle is also the name of an e-book device (Kindle device) sold by Amazon.

A device dedicated to ebooks is a device that specializes in reading e-books. It looks almost identical with a pill. What is different from conventional tablets is that there are different functions for easy reading of e-books.

• What’s “electronic ink”?

Electronic ink is, simply, electronic paper.

The display is embedded with a small black electron sphere and the text is highlighted by switching between white and black. The text displayed in this way is no less than the mode displayed on paper, and you can read the e-book by recognizing it as a “book” without discomfort.

• What’s an e-book?

Smartphones and tablets that each has now are common. With this expansion, different things are converted into electronic data that makes it easy to carry. Represents the e-book.

“Ebooks” are already familiar to people in their 20s and 30s, but older people still don’t feel uncomfortable reading books on electronic devices.

“Ebooks” is becoming uncharted territory for the adult generation. Until now we can support the younger generation because it’s easy to read anytime, anywhere.

• How to make money with kind ebooks?

There are two main ways to make money in your Indell:

 If you earn royalties.

※ Earned with Kindle Unlimited.

• When earning money with royalties.

If you earn with royalties, the royalty rate is up to 70% by “sell exclusively on Kindle”.

In addition, if you receive royalties at a rate of 70%, you must set the minimum recommended retail price to $2 and the maximum recommended retail price to $12.

If you don’t sell elsewhere, we recommend getting 70% royalties.

And if you only sell Kindles, you can run campaigns for a limited time, so you can run campaigns like “Free for a Week.”

However, the average royalty of plain paper is about 8% to 10%, so the royalties of ebooks are very high.

• Unlimited Kindles acquisition:

It can also qualify for Kindle Unlimited with sales only in kindles.

By the way, Kindle Unlimited is “a service that allows you to read as many Kindle books as you like,” and if you read it for free, you can earn money depending on the number of pages.

The number of pages is paid, so it’s similar to AdSense, and you can predict sales on PV.

• How can I make an e-book?

Creating an e-book is very easy and there are only three things to do.

there are three things .

• Sign up on a platform for publishing e-books called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

• Preparation of manuscripts,

• Cover preparation.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

Kindle Direct Publishing “publishes e-books on Amazon”, so you need to register with this KDP to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited.

• How can I register with KDP?

Once you’re ready, sign up at kindle store.

At that point, if you check “Sign up with KDP” from the KDP Select public page, you can set the royalties to 70 percent.

You can also sign up for Kindles Unlimited at the same time.

• How to create a good e-book?

Publishing an e-book in Kindle is a great way to know yourself and become a powerful business card.

You can do it on your blog, but with books, you can bring in more confident ideas, and if you have a solid product, it’s the brand.

You can also make money with original products and services from other media by redirecting them to email newsletters or [email protected] at the kindle end.

• Manuscript (how many characters do you have?)

The number of characters in the e-book has not been specified. For example, there are no specific specifications for the number of characters in a blog. You can publish ebooks with the same feeling.

The idea is the same for blogs: “Because it’s a book, or because it’s a blog.” However, some people want to know specific instructions for the number of characters!

It is the reader, not you, who appreciates the value of the book. Of course, books that satisfy readers will have good reviews.

Given that I want 10,000 characters, because if a good review is attached, it will be easier to sell the book itself.

• Coating (*Attention to size)

The cover is as important as “the face of the book” and “life.”

This is because there are only two factors that determine when reading a book: “cover” and “title”

Volume and title should be the basis for choosing when reading a book. So let’s deal with it!

• How to make your business a success:

※ Includes keywords in your title

 Outsource your coverage to CloudWorks!

 Sell many books

• Attract customers with your blog

• Effectiveness of email newsletters

• Overview:

Kindle is the best known e-book service. Due to the large number of users, there is no discomfort as information is not very available when searching for word of mouth and use on the internet. So if you want to find something that’s not mentioned in the manual or has questions, it’s very useful.


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