Make Money OnlineHow to make money online:

How to make money online:


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The way we make money or get money by “other than caching”. In this article how to make money only with smartphones and computers that will be considered in 2020!
• How to make money online (smartphones, computers)?
First we will introduce you how to make money quickly and easily on your smartphone or PC!
• Earn money by point site games:
Spot sites (as the name implies) are sites that “collect points” by participating in games, stamp gatherings, bingo, shopping, etc. In fact, a lot of concession apps have been released on Google Play and the App Store!
The collected points can be exchanged with cash as well as electronic money and selected products and services. If you want to learn more about how point sites work, first look at this article.
• Tips for money on point sites:
Companies mainly participate and shop for simple games (cluttering, bingo, stamp gatherings, etc.), but these days they only use points like “you can earn points” by watching videos and commercials (on point sites). The chances of winning are increasing.
• Internal popularity point site
EC Navi
City Point
 Earnings Point
 Earnings Point
 Somewhat rich
 Get money!
The reward for each item is from US$0.96 to US$9.59, but if you manage this number, “you can earn more than $95.91 a day”. In fact, there are housewives who earn hundreds to millions of yen or more a month only by scoring on the site.
• Make money with survey monitors
Survey monitoring is a simple task to “answer some questions” about a particular new product or service (the number of questions is about 5 to 10). We are a research company that is requested by large companies and local governments and we participate and work with peace of mind in terms of personal information.
• Sites looking for survey monitors
• Macromail
§ Media of Life
§ Cyber Panel
§ Fruit Letter
• Queue monitor
• Research Panel
§ NTT Com Research
In addition, since you can “casually participate” in your free time, it is also recommended to work as a questionnaire monitor as a side job for housewives and working people.

• Make money tips with survey monitors:
The reward you care about can exceed US$0.96 per project, high price projects can exceed “US$28.77”, and bonuses between US$287.72 and US$479.54 per month (max). In addition, there is a housewife who works as a questionnaire monitor and earns “a monthly income of US$2,877.23 or more.”

• How much money can I make with a survey monitor?
The rewards you earn can be transferred as cash and swapped for home appliances, food, sundries, electronic money, Amazon gift certificates, T-points, Rakuten points, iTunes gift certificates, etc.

• Make money with new cosmetics and product monitors:

If you like cosmetics and beauty items, please sign up for “Beauty Monitor”. When you introduce a new product on your blog or YouTube, your company offers you a product and you will get a special reward depending on your response.

• Sites that can be used as cosmetic monitors

Beauty salon monitor site “Ming”

 Part-time job information/part-time job EX “Beauty Monitor”

 Beauty related to site monitoring information “Fleur”

 Monipura Beauty & Cosmetics Event

• Tips for making money with cosmetic monitors

To become a cosmetic monitor, you need to own a “transfer power”. Unless you constantly post “original information” on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Twitter, etc., it’s hard to monitor or get a high reward.

• Make fun for money:

You may not have thought much of it, but if you take your hobby seriously, you might actually be earning more.

• Writing:

Writing and publishing have the power to bring real value beyond mere entertainment. This will help you advance your career and you can become an expert in this topic. You can create a platform for sharing ideas and bring technology to life.

The most obvious example of how writing turns into income is becoming a freelance writer on a free market like Upwork, Fiverr and the Lancers. There is always a demand for writers who can write good content in niche areas and themes.

But if you know how to write a good article on your blog, you can choose a niche area and start your own business based on blogs that replicate visitors.

• Illustrations and designs:

Like writing, illustration and design work as freelance. Fiverr specifically offers a variety of styles, including marketing and custom portraits, and is constantly introducing new artists.

Another option is to print and sell your art on t-shirts, posters, canvases, etc. Understand that when you commercialize art, you need to target a particular market and create your own brand. The first is usually easier.

Copy hate, started by artists, is a great example of a business that prints and sells art on various objects.

On-demand printing services such as Pain probably don’t have to have much stock, so you can turn your art into a low-risk income through home apparel and deco.

All you have to do is make a mockery of your product, after increasing sales and increasing demand, you have to consider the holding inventory.


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