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How to Grow Tomatoes


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Tomatoes are extremely popular in the vegetable garden. From mini tomatoes to medium to large varieties, there are also cute varieties such as tiny micro tomatoes. Recently, it has become possible to easily purchase dwarf varieties that do not require columns. There are so many shapes and colors that you can’t decide which one to grow. It is one of the recommended vegetables for beginners in the vegetable garden because it can be grown relatively easily. This time, I will introduce how to grow in pots

Basic information on tomatoes


 Mini tomatoes

 medium and large tomatoes

Seedlings Late April-May Harvest July-September

Tomato is one of the green and yellow vegetables of the Solanaceae family that is eaten all over the world. This vegetable, which originates in Peru, South America, needs a warm climate and plenty of sun to grow.

Tomato growth cycle

Seedlings are on sale in stores from around April, and the beginning of May is the best season to plant seedlings. The fruits begin to color around the end of the rainy season.

You can enjoy harvesting at any time during the summer, and you can enjoy a lot of harvesting until around September. When the temperature drops, the fruits will not color and the cultivation will end there.

Perennial, annual?

In the tropics of origin, it is a perennial that grows over several years. In Japan, winter cannot be passed and it is treated as an annual plant. As you can see, there are many other plants that are actually perennials but are treated as annuals in Japan.

Choosing a place

Grow in a sunny place all day long. The better the sunlight, the better the color of the fruit. In the case of a balcony, choose a place where the wind is not too strong and the outdoor unit is not exposed to the wind.

Preparation of tools and materials        

favorite tomato seedling ・ 1 pot (8-10 pot: φ24-30 cm) ・ Soil for vegetables (pot bottom stone, net: pot bottom stone if the pot bottom is on the net and the soil does not flow , Pot bottom net is not required) ・ Mulching of stanchions (210 cm x 3) or tall lantern stanchions, hemp rope, wood chips, straw, etc.

Grafted seedlings are recommended

Seedlings that have different varieties of seedlings attached to the rootstock are called grafted seedlings. The price is 2-3 times higher than normal seedlings, but the next year, vegetables of the same family can be planted in the same place (no worries about continuous cropping disorder), and it is resistant to diseases, so beginners and planting space are limited. It is recommended for those who are. If you look closely, it has a transparent plastic clip. 

What is continuous cropping disorder?       

It is a disorder caused by continuing to grow vegetables of the same family in the same place. Problems such as reduced yields and poor growth occur due to illness and increased nematodes. Since tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae family, vegetables of the same family are grown after 3 to 4 years. If you use grafted seedlings or disinfect the soil, you can plant them in the same place.

Points on how to plant tomatoes

Actually plant

Before planting, soak the seedlings in the waist water and let them absorb water well before planting. Work again in the warm morning.

 Put vegetable soil in a pot and plant seedlings in the center of the pot. (If the pot bottom hole is large, place the pot bottom net and then spread the pot bottom a little to prevent the soil from flowing.)Assemble three 2.210 cm columns in a tower shape and tie the top with a hemp rope. (Or install a lantern, etc. attached to a vegetable pot)3. The planted seedlings are tied to the columns with hemp rope so that the seedlings do not wobble. (If the seedlings do not reach the stanchions, set up a temporary short stanchion and tie it up.)4. After planting, give plenty of water so that water comes out from the bottom of the pot.

Two tailoring

We recommend the “two tailoring” that stretches the main branch and one side bud that grows strongly. As it grows, it is entwined around the tower-shaped columns and tied in several places with hemp rope to stop it.

 Tailoring (if you live in a cold region such as Tohoku)

Golden Week is the best time to plant in the Kanto region and south. In cool areas such as Hokkaido, it still gets cold at night at that time. We will wait until the end of May for planting, and the growing period will be shortened accordingly, so we will make three branches so that we can harvest more in a short period of time.

Fertilizer and watering of tomatoes     

About fertilizer

Since the soil for vegetables contains fertilizer, it is not necessary to add it at the time of planting. When the very first blue fruit begins to grow, give the first fertilizer. After that, apply slow-release fertilizer while watching the situation about one month later. In the case of liquid fertilizer, give it as a guide to the swelling of the fruits in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th stages.

Do you have enough fertilizer? not enough?         

You can tell if you have enough fertilizer by looking at the condition of the leaves on the growing tip of the tomato. If the stems are thick and the leaves are rolled up, there is too much fertilizer. On the contrary, if the stem is thin and the leaves stand, it is a sign that there is little fertilizer. The right condition is that the leaves spread gently sideways. (See illustration)

About watering

Basically, when the potted plant is dry, it is plentiful. However, the point is to keep watering to the extent that it does not wilt. You can harvest sweet and rich tomatoes.


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