Professional GardeningHow to grow sunflowers? Sunflower cultivation methods

How to grow sunflowers? Sunflower cultivation methods


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Sunflowers, which bloom like the sun with the arrival of summer, are said to be native to North America and have more than 60 wild species. In addition to the common yellow flower colors, there are also oranges, lemons, and some chocolate-colored ones. The size of the flowers ranges from small to large. There are single-flowered and double-flowered flowers, and various varieties are available. The plant height ranges from 30 cm to over 3 m, and you can choose according to the place where you grow it

What is sunflower (sunflower)?

It is an annual plant of the Asteraceae family, and the seeds are large and easy to grow, so it is common to sow and grow in the spring. It came to Japan in the 17th century and has been familiar with Japanese names such as Nichirinso. The sunflowers, which bloom vigorously in the strong summer sun, are full of vibrant images, and the seeds from the flowers are also used for food, oil extraction, and feed. For the flowerbed, we recommend varieties such as “Good Smile”, which has a short plant height and branches. It is one of the flowers that even beginners of gardening can easily grow if they are grown in a sunny place, paying attention to running out of water.

How to grow sunflowers and the points of cultivation  

Basic growth cycle

Sowing period: Mid-April-May
Planting period: May-June
Flowering period: July-September
Standard west of Kanto region

Place to put

Manage in a sunny place.


Whether it is planted in the ground or in a pot, water it thoroughly when the soil surface is dry.

Cultivation points

It drains well and prefers soil that contains organic matter, so mix in a large amount of compost and leaf mold before planting, and apply slow-release chemical fertilizer. It grows vigorously as the temperature rises, so don’t forget to add fertilizer until the flowers bloom. I hate transplanting, so I sow and grow them, but when sowing directly in the garden, it is important to leave enough space according to the variety. Sow 2-3 seeds in a hole of about 2 cm, and when the buds come out, leave the one with the best growth and grow it. It is safe to support tall plants with struts and mulch the roots with straw to prevent them from drying out.

After flowering, if you want to take seeds, the leaves turn yellow, and when the stems die, cut the flowers and hang them together with the flower neck in a well-ventilated place to dry. When the whole turns brown, collect the seeds, select the ones with full contents from the collected seeds, and store them in a cool and dark place until next spring.

Wide variety! Sunflower flower language that blooms toward the sun

A sunflower with flower words such as “worship,” “love,” and “looking only at you” from the appearance of the flowers blooming toward the sun. Various varieties with different flower colors, shapes and plant heights are available. It is wonderful to plant short plants in the flowerbed, and it is also nice to plant large seeds at the point. Double-flowered’teddy bears’,’Van Gogh’s sunflowers’ that bloom like sunflowers drawn by Van Gogh, and varieties with cream or chocolate colors are also attracting attention.


A sunny and well-drained place is the right place. Sunflower is a tough flower that grows in wasteland, but to make it well, make it in fertile soil that is rich in organic matter.
The roots grow as deep as the plant height, so cultivate to a depth of about 40 cm and plow in compost, humus, and fertilizer.
Once the roots are in the pot, plant the seedlings before they age. Sunflowers grow fast, so add fertilizer once a month to prevent them from running out of fertilizer.
In addition, middle and high-grade species can be made to bloom well by pinching and growing them once in a small seedling of about 4 true leave

When the roots turn to the bottom of the pot, plant them. Plant the cotyledons so that they are not buried in the soil.
Topdressing gives chemical fertilizer once a month


By the time you can see the buds, the above-ground part will become heavier and more likely to fall, so you should set up a support and attract it.
After the rainy season, if the weather continues to dry and the soil dries, the lower leaves will fall off easily, so spread straw on the roots of the plants, and if it is extremely dry, water it once a week.
For small-flowered sunflowers with many branches, if you cut out the finished flowers, the plants will not weaken and you can enjoy the flowers for a long time.
Ripe seeds are edible. You can also take the fruit-bearing branches and enjoy them as dried flowers.

Raising seedlings

The seeds sown in the pot will germinate in about a week. During this time, be careful not to run out of water. The seedling raising period is about 3 weeks.
Apply well to the sun and give liquid fertilizer once a week when the true leaves begin to appear. When the true leaves are well developed, thin them out to leave one healthy seedling.

Thin out weak seedlings when true leaves begin to appear


Aphids and aphids may be attached.
Agromyzidae, which has become popular recently, is exterminated by sprinkling an effective insecticide on the roots by absorbing it from the roots.
Downy mildew, which occurs when it rains a lot, is removed by spraying a fungicide after a long rain.


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