Professional GardeningHow to grow eucalyptus?

How to grow eucalyptus?


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Eucalyptus is also popular as a potted foliage plant and dried flower. There are about 500 varieties such as lemon eucalyptus with lemon scent and eucalyptus gunni with round leaves. Since it likes to be dry, it requires less watering and fertilizer, is resistant to illness and grows quickly, so it is recommended for beginners as it is easy to grow

What is eucalyptus?                                   

Many people think that eucalyptus is a plant that koalas eat.
In fact, eucalyptus is a popular foliage plant as a garden tree. Because of the cute shape of the leaves and the
refreshing scent, many people give them as gifts by arranging them as well as foliage plants.
We will introduce the charm of such eucalyptus and how to grow it.

Features of eucalyptus

Scientific name: Eucalyptus
Family name: Myrtaceae
Genus name: Eucalyptus
Country of origin: Southeastern and southwestern Australia, Tasmania Island, New Zealand

Characterized by silvery green leaves called “silver leaf”,
native to Australia, etc. Then,
it is an evergreen tree that grows up to 5m for small ones and 70-100m for large ones. Eucalyptus, which has strong roots extending deep underground and has a strong ability to suck up water  grows well even in dry and desertified areas, so it is used for local greening.

The eucalyptus scent has a high relaxing effect, and is
also used as an aroma oil, herb, and dried flower.
It is also a popular foliage plant as a garden tree because it also has an insect repellent effect. in addition, eucalyptus flowers also have impressive flowers, although the colors and shapes vary depending on the variety.

At the time of flowering, elongated stamens spread out from the center,
giving it a unique shape like the pompoms of Cheer Girl.
White, orange, pink depending on the variety. The eucalyptus flowers with a tropical mood such as pale yellow are very impressive.

Eucalyptus flowers are often delicate and do not last long, so they are rarely imported in Japan.

Eucalyptus varieties                                   

It is said that there are 500 varieties of eucalyptus, which are cultivated all over the world.
In Australia, the country of origin, it grows naturally in about 80% of forests.
By the way, the eucalyptus that koalas eat is a variety called “Punkta”, and of the
approximately 500 types of eucalyptus, koalas eat about 40 types of eucalyptus.

Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora)
A type of eucalyptus that is often found in Japan, and as the name suggests, it is known for its lemon-like scent.
It grows quickly and grows about 20m in warm areas, but it is vulnerable to cold, so you need to be careful about the cultivation method in cold areas.
It is also popular as an herb and is also used in essential oils, potpourri and bath salts.

・ Eucalyptus Gunni Eucalyptus gunni

with a round shape and small round leaves that look cute.
This is recommended for those who are looking for eucalyptus because the silver leaf is beautiful and it is a variety that is easy for beginners to grow.
 Eucalyptus Poporus It is characterized by its plump heart-shaped leaves, and the small and cute swaying figure is soothing to see.
It’s cute to make dried flowers and decorate your room.

Eucalyptus baby blue The emerald green round leaves with a glossy surface are characteristic.
Baby blue has a strong citrus sweet scent, and even if it becomes a dried flower, that scent remains, so it is recommended for those who want to make a wreath.

 Eucalyptus / Silver World

Silver White leaves are beautiful and are the best type as a symbol tree at home.
You can feel the refreshing scent and it is also suitable for dried flowers.
Among eucalyptus, it has strong cold resistance, and its leaves are strong and easy to grow.

 Eucalyptus Tetragona

Tetragona is a eucalyptus that bears angular fruits on angular stems.
It’s a little difficult to grow, and it’s strong against strong sunlight and dryness, but
it’s very vulnerable to drainage, so be careful about watering.

There are many other types such as Pulpla, Globulus, and Nicole.
It’s also fun to find out what kind you want to grow on your own.

Eucalyptus cultivation schedule             

Sowing: April-May
Planting: April-
Replanting: April- August Pruning: April-May, September
Fertilizer: February, April-June, September-October

Eucalyptus cultivation environment
Eucalyptus, which is popular as a symbol tree in the garden, grows quickly depending on the varieties planted in the ground, so carefully consider the location of the planting in the ground.
And it is necessary to prun it appropriately and adjust it so that it does not become too large.

Eucalyptus, which has strong potted properties and grows relatively quickly, can be grown a little harshly and left unattended when it is grown compactly in potted plants.

The key to growing eucalyptus on the balcony is to bring it closer to the warm and dry country of origin, Australia.
I prefer a sunny and well-ventilated place, so choose a sunny place on the balcony as well.
It is OK even in a half-shade place. However, it is vulnerable to the cold, so it is a good idea to put it in a warm room in winter.

Points to grow eucalyptus

What about eucalyptus fertilizer and watering?  
Eucalyptus planted in the ground is a plant that is resistant to dryness in Australia, the country of origin, so grow it as dry as possible. For the first year after planting, water the leaves when they are wilted and see how they look. It has high vitality, so it can withstand without watering for several days.
Whether or not to give fertilizer depends on the variety, but basically, slow-release fertilizer is recommended so as not to give too much.


eucalyptus grows faster than other plants, so fertilizer is not required for daily care. If the soil on the surface is completely dry, water it. The number of times of watering varies depending on the season. Eucalyptus prefers to be dry, so if you give it too much water to make it over-moist, it will cause root rot.


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