Professional GardeningHow to easily make a juicy container garden

How to easily make a juicy container garden


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Overview Overview Total time: 60 minutes Skill level: Beginner Estimated cost: $ 20-40 Growing a succulent container garden is easy and very satisfying. Succulents are active plants with low water needs as they have evolved in some of the world’s toughest conditions. . These plants will not work if you over-water or overeat.

Growing a succulent container garden is easy and very satisfying. Succulents are active plants with low water needs as they have evolved in some of the world’s toughest conditions. These plants will not work if you over-water or overeat. This makes it ideal for gardeners who don’t have much time to care for their plant

  • Things necessary

Equipment / tools

  • Scissors
  • Soft hairbrush (optional)


  • Container with drain hole
  • Plastic window screening or landscape fabric


  • Cactus or succulent potting soil
  • Stone, gravel, sea glass, or marble (optional)


The important thing is to choose the right container, soil and plants.

Container Choices: Succulent roots can grow in shallow and wide containers. Make sure the pot drains well. This can mean drilling a hole in the bottom. You can kill succulents by storing water in a container. Soil selection: You can buy any potting mix designed for succulents. Look for words such as “cactus mix” or “juicy mix” in the package. You can also make your own juicy potting compost. Blend equal amounts of regular compost, coarse sand, and perlite or pumice for ideal mixing. Plant Selection: When choosing your plant, keep in mind that they may have different light and care requirements. Check the plant tags for more details and group succulents with similar needs into containers.

Cover the drain hole

Cut out a plastic window screen large enough to cover the drain hole in the pot. This allows the soil to remain in the pot while draining excess water. Alternatively, you can use a sideways fabric or a commercially available pot screen to close the holes.

Add potting soil

Cover the bottom of the container with sufficient potting soil so that when the plant is in place, a line of soil remains about 0.5 inches below the edge of the container. This makes it easy to water the plants without overflowing from the sides of the container.

Plant test fit

Put the plants that are still in the nursery pot into a container to understand the general idea of ​​spacing. Move the plant until you are satisfied with the placement.

Plant a container

Remove the succulents from the sapling pot and put them back in the container one by one. Then gently pack additional compost around each plant. Try to keep the soil at the same level as where the plants were growing in the nursery. Make sure you have filled all the space between the plants. Leaving an air gap can dry the roots and kill the plant.


Be careful when removing plants, as the soil in the sapling pots can be coarse and loose. Gently hold the top of the succulent plant by pinching the stem with two fingers. Turn the pot sideways and tap the bottom to loosen the plants.

Add a finishing touch

Gently remove the soil covering the leaves and stems of the plant. This can also be done using a soft bristle brush or by gently spraying on the plant. One option to give the container a finished look is to cover the surface of the compost with top dressing of coarse materials such as gravel, pebbles, sea glass and marble. The top dressing material can be light in color or neutral, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Manipulating succulents in a container

Most succulents are usually not cultivated for flowers, but have a surprising number of colors and leaf textures. And combining them in a creative way is part of the fun. The plants you choose and how you arrange them are your personal choices. However, it is important to choose plants that are scaled to each other and to the container in which they are planted. For example, small containers require miniature varieties, while large pots can collect very tall specimens.

In addition, succulents store nutrients and water in the leaves, so the root system is very compact. This means that the plants can be placed close together in the container. Most gardening centers have an entire section dedicated to succulents, and the plants are often organized by size. Sample planters may be available to find placement ideas.

Tips for caring for a succulent container garden   

To grow healthy succulents, mimic the conditions that you naturally experience. During spring and summer, the growing season of most succulents moistens the soil, but does not. It is better to dry the soil a little while watering than to water it. Watering is less frequent during the winter when succulents are normally dormant. Keep the soil dry, but do not allow it to dry completely.

For succulents, fertilization should be fairly minimal and may not be necessary at all. This is highly dependent on the type of growing succulent plant. If feeding is required, use diluted liquid fertilizers designed for succulents and feed only during active growing seasons.

Virtually all succulents work well in hot and dry conditions, but that doesn’t mean they thrive in direct sunlight all day long. Many succulents are most effective when the direct sunlight is only a few hours a day, and you may need to prevent them from burning in the hot midday sun. If the succulents come from a nursery that is not exposed to much sunlight, it is best to gradually increase the direct sunlight.


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