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How to choose a rose that is easy to grow!


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There are so many varieties and varieties of roses that beginners are wondering which one to choose.

This time, I will introduce how to choose a rose that is easy to grow for beginners

How many varieties and varieties of roses are there?

There are countless varieties of roses, but originally wild roses (original roses) that bloom in nature.

Of the approximately 150 species of wild roses, only a dozen are the ancestors of garden roses, which is surprising.

Roses can be classified in various ways such as phylogenetic tree shape, flower shape, etc.

[Classified by system]

・ Old rose
・ Modern rose
・ English rose


・ Wild rose (wild species)
・ Old rose (before 19th century population mating)
・ Modern rose

It may be divided as.

Old roses are roses that were cultivated before modern roses were made.

There are many varieties that bloom in one season, the shape of the flower is elegant, and it is characterized by a rich aroma.

What came out after the old rose is a rose of the line called modern rose.

The first modern rose is a rose of the variety “La France”.

It is characterized by its four-season blooming, gorgeous flower shape and color.

Most of the roses you see at florists are of this type called modern roses.

[Classified by tree shape]

There are many seasonal blooms such as bush-based hybrid tea, floribunda, and mini roses.

・ Itcontains some shrub-type semi-vine old roses, English roses, wild species and modern roses, and blooms a lot in one season.

There are many branches and hybrids of climber-type bush and shrub-type roses.

[Classified by the number of petals and the shape of flowers]           

・ Sword valve high core bloom
・ Half sword valve high core bloom
・ Round valve bloom
・ Cup-shaped bloom
・ Single bloom
・ Half double bloom

If you look at the rose seedlings, they are labeled with symbols such as “HT” and “FL”.

This is a lineage of roses, which means the following.

Hybrid Tea (HT: Hybrid Tea)
Floribunda (FL: Floribunda Rose)
Miniature Rose (MIN: Miniature Rose)
Vine Rose (CL: Climbing Rose)
Spray (Spray)

Each has its own characteristics in how it blooms, and the pruning work method is also different.

When pruning, check the label and try to take advantage of the characteristics of the rose.

It’s good as long as there are few rose seedlings, but sometimes you lose track of the line while you buy a new one.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not remove the label of the seedlings and tie them together.

How to choose a rose that is easy to grow 

The type (variety) of roses that is suitable depends on whether it is planted in the garden, potted, hedged, or made into an arch or pole.

When buying roses for the first time, it is important to decide how you want to grow them.

If you choose only the flower color and shape you like, you may not be able to grow it well and you may fail to grow it.

You can also ask for recommended roses for beginners at the garden shop.

It is also recommended to refer to the mail-order site that introduces roses for beginners.

For example, a shop called “Sapling Club” in Rakuten Ichiba. It is useful because there is a lot of information for rose beginners.

  Roses for beginners

Variety summary for rose beginners

This time, I summarized what I researched about how to select varieties that are easy for me to grow as a beginner of roses.

Roses are for advanced gardeners and have the image of being difficult to grow.

However, when you look at mail-order sites and blogs of people who actually grow up, you will want to grow up.

In spring, you will want to try new plants.

Indoor rose varieties

The roses in the room are shrubs 30-40 cm high with many stems and thorns. Depending on the variety, the color of the leaves and flowers may differ. Its surface is shiny, matte and wrinkled.

According to a generally accepted classification, roses in a miniature room are representative of a group of roses in the garden. It can’t always be called a miniature, but the house grows a kind of bourbon. The shoots of this bush are retained for a very long time and have different shades. Cream, soft pink and rich red. The plants begin to grow late and late by mid-July, but also bloom in the frost, sometimes in the New Year. During the winter, bourbon roses throw away all their leaves and new twigs grow only in March. This species has changes during rooting, but it is best to use growth stimulants and rooting to root the roses in April. Frequently, Polyanzas roses grow at home and are characterized by a strong, pleasant scent. This kind of thing is easier than others. The bushes are strongly branched and initially covered with red and pink shoots. Sometimes it has a mild shade like pink taken for white, but with age the petals often darken.

The gorgeous roses are obtained by crossing Chinese roses with multicolored roses, and there are several varieties suitable for growing homes.

“Triumph” Polyanshus roses Larger than normal with rounder leaves and lush. Flowering begins in spring and lasts until winter. The flowers of this cultivar are double, bright red, light in scent and almost unrecognizable. The plants need fertilizer, after which the roses bloom richer and longer, and during the winter the plants feel better on cold hills. The variety “Miniatures”, which corresponds perfectly to its name, is very suitable for apartments. The flowers are also terry of all shades of pink color, distinguished by good rooting of cut flowers in addition to this variety.

This kind of winter roses feels good in a humid room.

There is a variety of medium bushes and flowers, “Clotilde”, which has a neutral color of delicate pink and bright yellow, and after a few days, the petals burn out white before wilting. This kind of winter plant is tolerant even in warm rooms and lives on a cold window sill. The variety “Gloria” is famous for its colorful brilliance and flower coloring reminiscent of brilliant coal. The bush is small and covered with small leaves. The roses are also small. The scent does not have this scent, but the flowers stay with it for a long time. Bengal’s red roses are unpopular in indoor flower cultivation, which is characterized by reluctance among other roses, but it is difficult to withstand winter with heat. Requires complete rest and temperatures below 10 ° C. Beech is well blooming, but it does not smell. The flowers are usually half mahogany, medium, red or dark red. The rose does not lose its leaves in winter and continues to bloom before the New Year, but artificial lighting is needed for harmonious development during this period. This variety is resistant to powdery mildew but does not tolerate scrap. Due to ignorance, if you cut it badly, it can be painful for a long time, and this rose only needs to cut weak and dry branches.


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