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Failure. Refuse. Success: J.K. Rowling’s Story

A lot of people called great people have had a lot of pain in the past, not just successful experiences. With just too many different obstacles and advancing towards your dreams you are recognized for the feat. The speech given to us by a great man has a very important message born out of such an experience. On this page, I want to translate and share messages from elders from all over the world in Japanese. I just want to give a speech!

By the usual standards, I knew my biggest failure.

J.K. Rowling’s words are authors who sold their series of books, translated into 73 languages, millions of sections and earned more than $20 billion through cinematic adaptations and sponsorships. Then why does he admit it’s such a failure?

Creating your book series is not as easy as notes written on some dinner napkins. It wasn’t a one, two or even three-step process. It takes years of patience for him to be a success today.

Shortly after she came up with the idea for Harry Potter, Rowling began writing but was soon pulled from her job by her mother’s devastating death. Rowling stopped working on the book and was immersed in a deeply heartbroken depression at which time almost nothing was being done.

To disloddle himself, he took a year’s job teaching English in Portugal. In his adventures abroad, his goal is to use his holidays to escape his troubles and, more importantly, to continue working on his books. His goal was to complete the first Harry Potter book until he returned from Portugal.

Everything didn’t go according to plan. 

Not only did she not progress in the first book, she ended a failed marriage and a baby girl who now had to raise herself after falling out of love. He’s not coming back with anything. He was hitting the bottom of the rock, and I, suffering from depression, raising children on my own and living with unemployment benefits, resumed my book work in a cafĂ© while my daughter slept.

Despite numerous setbacks, he found solace in doing what he loved. In fact, he realized that the little things he had were enough to make him happy on average. He was finished in exactly the position he feared the most, and it turned out that it wasn’t too bad, there was nothing left to fear, and his work showed that way of thinking. The last time Rowling finished the first three seasons, he sent the manuscript to the publisher. He sent it to a publisher. His mailbox was full of rejection letters, but he wouldn’t let it stop.

“Failure meant deprivation of necessities. I stopped pretending to be myself other than myself and started giving me all the finishing of all that was important to me—.”

Rowling began losing faith in her book after sending manuscripts to 12 different publishers and being rejected by each. Eventually, the editors of Bloomsbury Publishers sat down to read the manuscript. And the little girl liked the 8-year-old editor of the inaugural season, begging to read everything. This led the publisher to agree to the publication of Rowling’s novel. But Rowling left a warning that she would have to get a day’s work because she didn’t make money writing children’s books. But when Harry Potter and the Witch’s Stone was released, he proved everyone wrong.

J.K. Rowling went from being unemployed to being a single mother who lived away from unemployment benefits to one of the best-selling writers of all time. But it didn’t happen overnight. He faced rejection and always es60,000 people aimed at success. He made his work unforgettable before anyone realized he was working hard in his art, along with strengthening himself against rejection. In retrospect, the Harry Potter series earned more than $400 million in book sales, and the latest film alone earned $476 million in ticket sales. On the opening weekend. She became the first woman to be a millionaire writer, and many writers did not take it that far.

If you have dreams or passions and continue to reject or fail, don’t let it stop. If you’re having a hard time in your life but you’re working on something you really believe in, don’t give up. If so, you don’t know what happened. Who knows, you might end up breaking records.

From single mothers to the world’s best-selling writers!

2020 Volkswagen Passat Revealed in 2019 J.K. Rowling is the lead author of the Harry Potter series and lives a life full of ups and downs. However it is now said that the entire asset exceeds Queen Elizabeth’s assets and can be said to embody the ultimate success story. I gathered in-depth quotes that reflected the philosophy of his life.

The true meaning of the breakdown that the Harry Potter author said

i can tell you that the seven years i graduated was a failure . Her marriage ended very soon and she was a single mother but unemployed and lived in modern Britain (2008), on the verge of becoming homeless. What my parents were worried about and what I was worried about became a reality. In general, I was the worst mistake I know.

Failure is not fun. At the time my life was so dark that I didn’t think the media’s “dream success story” was waiting for me. I didn’t know how long this tunnel of darkness would last, and the light that illuminated the tunnel’s output was forever a story and never happened.

If so, where are the “benefits of failure”? I stopped pretending to be someone else and started drinking everything I could with something really important (writing a novel). If I succeed in other things, I don’t think I’ve succeeded in what I really want to do.

I am free . I’m alive because I’m real now, but the girl in the love cage, the typewriter, is a very big A on the head that I’m wearing on the table. The stone at the bottom of the breakdown is a solid foundation for resuming life.

You don’t make a big mistake the way i’ve ever experienced it . The only way to avoid failure is to sit like living like a corpse. Yet such a life can be said to be a failure from the beginning.

By failing, I was able to find a sense of peace that I couldn’t go to after passing the exam. Failure has led me to realize that this is something that can never be achieved by other means. I was stronger and stronger than I thought and knew I had friends who were worth more than ruby jewelry.

Once we know that we have stood up to the mistakes of the past and become smarter and stronger, we can believe in ourselves. Only when it tests the hardships of relationships with ourselves and friends can we really understand them

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