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Many people may not have a tangible picture, even if they say they make money on blogs and make money on blogs. So this time, I’m putting together an article on the topic of money on a blog so that I can imagine making money on a blog in particular.

• What is a blog?

“Blog” stands for “Blog” similar to the homepage. There are two types of blogs: personal blogs and corporate business blogs. In general, “blog” usually refers to this “personal blog”.

A blog is a media that publishes records and information on the web that is composed of images and text. There are no rules on how to write a blog, and writers are free to write.

Writers are called bloggers, and those who earn money only by running a blog and writing a blog are called professional bloggers.

• How do I write a blog?

There are also points you need to follow to write an attractive blog.

• View from the reader’s point of view.

• Decide how to write an article.

• Determining the goals achieved by writing articles.

• Don’t use as many difficult phrases as possible.

• Add highlighted headings and text.

• Don’t overuse “think” or “feel” too.

• Do not perform sentences that are too long.

• Update an article every day for beginner bloggers.

• Composition is decided before writing a blog.

• How can I make money from a blog?

There are two main ways to make money from blogging.         

• Advertising revenue

• If you own a product, sell it

Ad revenue is the mechanism by which you run ads on your blog and you get rewarded when your ads are clicked or your products are sold.

It’s as simple as introducing your product on a blog and inging your readers to buy it.

 Click on an ad (Adsense)

• Affiliate advertising

• Net advertising (after relatively slow)

It’s better to make money from a blog that uses all three.

• Click on ads (Adsense):

Google Adsense is famous for click type ads. This is information that is displayed on the site.

Simply put, click type ads are the mechanism that rewards ads that appear on your blog when you click. If you click on an ad on your site, you are getting about $1 in ad revenue.

For Google Adsense:

1. Place Google Adsense ads where bloggers want to place ads on their blogs

2. Click on an ad reader blog

3. Google pays a click fee to bloggers, advertisers pay Google ads

4. Google Adsense optimizes the ads you see.

Google automatically optimizes these ads.

You don’t have to explain the goodness of the product or match the product to your blog’s features.

In addition, click type ads are easy to handle even for beginners because “bonus = earnings” are born when you click.

However, it is generally said that the probability of clicking this type of ad is about 1% of people who visit the blog.

• Affiliate ads:
Click type ads were a click-only bonus, but affiliates are performance-based bonus types that reward you if you lead to results such as “buy products” or “sign up for services.” i will.
In order to know how the affiliate works, you need to know about “ASP (affiliate service provider)”.
• What is affiliated service provider (ASP)?
Put simply, it’s like an intermediary that bridges between advertisers (such as companies that want to run ads) and people who sell products (like bloggers).
The system depends on this:
1. Many advertisers request ASP for advertising
Of. ASP registered ads in the second year, bloggers choose their favorite ads and take on their blogs.
3. Sign up for a product or service by clicking on a blog ad
4.ASP pays for blogger performance, advertisers pay for successful ads for ASP ads
5. If you are an affiliate, you can choose to post ads on your blog.
However, unlike pay-per-click ads, you won’t be rewarded unless you apply for an ad product or service (if you haven’t received results).
That’s why you should try to introduce the product on your blog and sell the product.
Affiliates are paid more than click-based advertising because they have to try to sell products and services on behalf of advertisers.
• Net advertising:
As the site grows in popularity and visitor numbers, companies are asking, “Are you running ads for $100 a month?”
It’s called pure advertising, but it’s become a popular site, so you don’t have to aim from the start.
• Sell products on your blog.
People who own their products can make money by introducing their products to your blog and selling them.
Use blogs to attract customers.
In this case, the product may not be limited to the product, but may be a skill such as programming or design technology.
For example, you can post a sketch on a blog because you think “you can do such a design”, or you can request a design request.
If you have a blog that attracts a certain number of people, you can increase your income.
• Benefits of monetizing your blog:
• Reduce initial investment and maintenance costs
• You can expect earnings to come in automatically
• Blogging becomes an asset and stays forever
• Overview:
• Monetization of your ads on your blog
• The recommended way to write a blog is to write a blog on your site
• It’s possible to make extra money from blogs, but it will take time.

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