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Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, faced many obstacles on the way to the final president. His childhood was not exactly happy, his education was less than expected of an American president, but his days as president remain as historic and important as his life.

His parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. At birth, Abraham’s father owned extensive agricultural land, and Abraham was able to attend basic training courses.

Housework was distributed between Abraham and Sarah (sister). Some said Ibrahim refused to participate in housework and seemed lazy at this point, but later, he learned and contributed a lot to the work around his house and his family’s income.

Because of this situation, Ibrahim had to stay home for help instead of going to school. He took part in a year’s lesson and Ash’aesh was new and alive to learn. But he had no choice but to stay at home, so he started studying himself. He was basically self-taught all his life. Even his law degree was the result of self-intensive temperament.

Ibrahim’s father remarried with a widow with three children. After losing her relationship with her biological mother, Ibrahim quickly bonded with her stepmother and even later called her a “mother.” They moved several times until Abraham was old enough to live his life. She chose to leave her family and travel to New Salem, Illinois

New Salem helped develop his speaking and persuasion skills. He has worked in shops there, so he contacted different personalities every day. He tended to learn everything he could about the practice of the law. He borrowed a book from an old person he knew to handle it himself, but studied rigorously and later used that knowledge as a path to public office.

Abraham Lincoln’s path to the president was tedious. He was a single captain of the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War. Later, he began to advance into public office. His first attempt as a candidate for the Illinois Legislature failed, but was subsequently re-elected and served a four-term term. During this time, he completed legal studies.

But he failed in his bid for Congress, so unsuccessfully tried to advance his position. He aimed to build a solid foundation for the practice of law. He spent more or less 15 years in business representing anyone who needed a lawyer. The cases he dealt with ranging from traffic problems to financial disputes and even murder charges

His political career was not the only challenge in Lincoln’s life. His romantic and family life also turned out to be a part of the quest. Ibrahim had typhoid fever in 1835 and married Rutledge. She married Mary Todd from a prominent family in Lexington, Kentucky. Their first planned wedding was broken up by the couple after they decided they didn’t actually want to get married, but two years later they ended up marrying each other.

Abraham Lincoln had four sons, three of whom survived. Edward, who was first born, died of tuberculosis at the age of three, while his second child William died at the age of 11. His fourth son, Thomas, died of heart failure at the age of 18. Only his third son, Robert Todd, died in adulthood and eventually died at the age of 82.

That era proved difficult for married couples. Mary suffered emotionally and psychologically and was later admitted to a mental institution. Ibrahim suffered from depression, so spent six months confined to his home.

The revived issue of slavery in America had encouraged Lincoln to try to gain another position in public office. His popularity grew as he openly expressed disagreement with the business of slaves in the country. The birth of the Republican Party further strengthened Lincoln’s chances of going to the Senate. He made a world where everyone is equal and governments don’t support a particular race.

Lincoln’s aspirations took people’s hearts, and although he was not elected to the Senate, he remained as popular as ever, and his name was announced every time he talked about the president.

While Lincoln took over the task of the 16th President of the United States, many objected to his liberal idea of abolishing slavery. His ideas seemed so radical that seven states quickly decided to september and produce the states of the American Confederation themselves. His term was defined by the advent of the Civil War. At the height of the war, a total of seven states united against his leadership and its aspirations.

Abraham Lincoln’s living conditions led to great leadership during the Civil War. As he always did, he studied tactics and military operations independently to better lead his army. Moreover, he still insisted on the concept of equality among all, and later in his term, he finalized the order to free all slaves.

Aware of the technology of military operations and political manipulation, America won allies. As the Civil War ended, he won abraham Lincoln’s second term. Addressing fellow Americans, he said it was time to build a nation as one of freedom. But he did not live to see the day. Shortly after the war ended, Lincoln was assassinated while watching a stage game with his wife.

Despite the premature end of the political leader’s life, the consequences of his fight today are clearly alive and well. America is now a land of freedom where gender and race are no longer a measure of social status. Most importantly, as Abraham Lincoln wanted, America built a government for its people, its people and its people.

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